Will solar raise rates?


No. PECO will never admit it, but solar is highly valuable for the grid. However, because of the complicated way utilities make money, this added value doesn’t increase PECO’s profits. This is why the company fights so hard against solar, against the interests of ratepayers and our whole future.

What's worse is that PECO's dirty power puts ratepayers at risk for significant rate increases due to changes in fossil fuel prices. The dirty secret is that utility shareholders won't lose any money in that case, only we do. Local solar is an opportunity to keep rates predictable and keep profits local.

A recent study of PECO showed that at worst, with no other programs or planning, a major increase in solar could increase rates by 2%. However, this ignores common-sense policies like implementing energy efficiency at certain times of day. By maximizing the value of solar, PECO can lower rates on top of the benefits of more jobs and improved health.



The value of solar.

The value of solar for PECO and its ratepayers.