Where should I invest instead of Vanguard?


In May 2023, Bloomberg reported that the number of funds that exclude fossil fuels “has exploded” because customers like you are demanding them. Although it’s hard to find funds that are truly climate friendly – because of all the other industries that contribute to carbon emissions – getting out of fossil fuels is an important step.

We know choosing a new fund can be intimidating. That’s why the organization As You Sow has compiled this list of the top fossil free funds. Green America has put together this resource on both funds and asset managers. EQAT will also be offering a few webinars where we’ll show you how to use these tools, and participants will have the chance to share additional resources with each other. See our Events page to register for our next webinar.

While we are happy to share resources compiled by the above organizations, we want to make clear that Earth Quaker Action Team is not an investment adviser as that term is defined under federal and state laws and regulations. We do not provide financial planning, legal, or tax advice. Nothing we share shall constitute or be construed as an offering of financial instruments, or as investment advice or investment recommendations.

We know our actions make a bigger difference when we do them together. After you’ve moved money out of Vanguard, please let us know how much so we can include your funds in our collective total. To share that info, you can fill out the above form again as someone who has already moved money, or you can email us at [email protected]. We will protect your individual privacy while publicly celebrating our collective total.

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