What has PECO done?


Behind the scenes, PECO has been undermining and road-blocking every important effort to move PA forward. 

It’s true that PECO has made some positive adjustments on its solar customer-service, and has made a small grant for solar jobs training. Unfortunately, PECO is also standing in the way of community solar. While blocking two community solar bills, HB531 and SB705, that would be essential for access to affordable solar, PECO has supported a “Local Solar” bill which is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It would reimburse solar producers about half of what is now required, decimating jobs and preventing communities from seeing the profits of solar investments.

PECO is also blocking the expansion of the renewable energy utilities are mandated to provide. This legislation, the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard, ends in 2021 and only requires 8% renewable energy, including the vanishingly small amount of 0.5% solar. PECO needs to cooperate with the effort to expand this legislation. PECO must reach 20% local solar by 2025, and 100% clean energy shortly after.