Vanguard's Big Climate Problem Walk

Monday, April 18 to Friday, April 22 -- Click here to sign up!


Why are we walking?

One of the biggest asset managers in the world, Vanguard's business strategy makes it a major driver of climate destruction and environmental racism. It is one of the largest global investors in coal, oil, and gas and it's also a top investor in polluting industries close to home. 

Whether we are living on the frontlines of environmental injustice, students who know their futures are in jeopardy, or elders worried about their grandchildren, we all desperately need Vanguard to change course. It could vote for climate-friendly shareholder resolutions in the short run, and over time, move its investments out of fossil fuel and forest-destroying companies if those firms don't come up with a plan to transition out of climate destruction. With over $8 trillion under management, Vanguard could be a leader instead of a laggard.

That is why, from Monday, April 18 to Friday, April 22 (Earth Day), we are walking to Vanguard's southeastern Pennsylvania headquarters! Starting at the industrial banks of the Delaware River, our route includes sites of environmental injustice and climate destruction, as well as opportunities for intergenerational training in nonviolent direct action and for reaching out to Vanguard customers. Because this is happening during Passover, we are partnering with the Exodus Alliance to hold a special interfaith action highlighting the powerful symbols of the Passover story and the role of Chase and Vanguard as "climate pharaohs" of our time. We will conclude with a powerful action at Vanguard's global headquarters in Malvern on Earth Day. 

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Who will be walking?

As people of diverse faiths, youth, elders, Vanguard customers, residents of frontline communities, and people from all over southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond, we will be coming together powerfully to take action.

"We’re showing up together to make a powerful and visible statement that we are determined to become “good ancestors,” and that we care for and stand with the younger generation in their work to create a thriving and just future. We see ourselves as “consumer activists,” demanding that our financial resources -- our savings and investments -- be allocated to companies that are creating a healthy, sound future and not be used to damage and destroy our Earth, the future home of our great, great, grandchildren."

-- Lynne Iser, Elder Action Network
Three people stand in the foreground, singing, as various other people stand behind them, holding protest signs, including one that says \

Three people smile as they stand next to their bicycles with signs that together say "Vanguard's Very Big Problem"
"Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains has given me a deep appreciation for nature and a sense of urgency around its preservation. I have seen first hand the effects of climate change on my home community as shifting weather patterns disrupt families, businesses, animal populations, and whole ecosystems. I find the work I have been doing with EQAT extremely meaningful and look forward to joining the walk."
-- Simon Thill, student at Haverford College

(photos by Rachael Warriner and Corinne Austen)

Let us know if there is a financial barrier to participating in the walk, such as transportation, childcare, or lost wages. We have funds available. Please email Ryan at [email protected] for more information and to share what would support you to attend.

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Where are we walking?

Our walk route is:

Day Plans: 

Walk Start Walk End Miles Evening Program

  Monday, April 18

Chester Friends Meeting
8:30 AM

John Heinz Wildlife Refuge
6:00 PM
11 Chester Friends Meeting 
7:00 PM
  Tuesday, April 19 John Heinz Wildlife Refuge
8:45 AM
Overbrook Train Station
5:30 PM
9 Friends' Central School
7:00 PM
  Wednesday, April 20 Overbrook Train Station
8:30 AM
Chase Bank
5:30 PM
10 Radnor Friends Meeting
7:00 PM
  Thursday, April 21 St. Davids Train Station
8:30 AM
Paoli Train Station
4:00 PM

Delaware Valley
Friends School
6:00 PM

  Friday, April 22

Paoli Train Station
8:30 AM

Vanguard Headquarters
12:00 PM



Whether you want to walk one half day or all five days, you're invited to join us.

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Actions at a Glance:

If you can't walk with us, you're still very invited to join these key direct actions.

Interfaith Street Seder
Protesting Carbon Pharaohs
Wednesday, April 20 at 3:45pm
in Wayne, PA

Join a diverse group of people of faith as we take action for climate justice. We’ll be holding an interfaith Passover
street seder in front of a local Chase bank branch,
demanding a sustainable and thriving future for all of creation. Chase Bank is the world’s largest funder of fossil fuels and Vanguard is Chase's largest investor. At the seder, we will challenge the financial underpinnings of these Carbon Pharaohs, rooting ourselves in sacred action and moral inspiration. 

This action is being organized in coalition with Exodus Alliance, Dayenu, Jewish Youth Climate Movement, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light, and more. Please 
sign up for the action here!

Grand Finale Action for
Vanguard's Big Climate Problem Walk 
Friday, April 22 at 8:30am
in Paoli & Malvern, PA

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to challenge those who profit from the Earth’s desecration?

As one of the world’s biggest investors in coal, oil, and gas, Vanguard has the power to help steer our economy away from climate catastrophe and environmental injustice, but first it needs to chart a new course. That is why we are concluding a five-day walk from the Delaware River with a huge, vibrant action at Vanguard’s corporate headquarters in Malvern. 

We will meet at the Paoli Train Station to walk the final mile with the walkers. Please sign up for the action here!

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Evening Programs:

If you can't walk with us, you're also very invited to join our evening programs.

How Vanguard Contributes
to Environmental Injustice
Monday, April 18 at 7:00pm
in Chester, PA

As EQAT and other partners begin our 40 mile walk from the industrial banks of the Delaware River to Vanguard's global headquarters in Malvern, we're joining up with residents of Chester and Eastwick who are engaged in powerful fights for their health, their communities, and their future. Who is invested in the trash incinerators and oil-fired generating stations polluting our air and leading us to climate chaos? We're following the money from these destructive industries to Vanguard, one of the largest global investors in companies causing climate change. 

Sign up for this program here! 

Why Pressuring Vanguard Might Be
the Most Impactful Thing You Can Do
for the Climate
Tuesday, April 19 at 7:00pm
in Wynnewood, PA

Who is financing fossil fuels companies and funding climate chaos? Why are EQAT and other partners walking 40 miles from the industrial banks of the Delaware River to Vanguard's global headquarters in Malvern? How can I get involved? Please join us as we share why pressuring Vanguard might be the most impactful thing you can do for the climate! 

This is a hybrid event. You're welcome to join us either virtually or in-person. 

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The Vanguard S.O.S. Campaign and
the Special Role of Customers
Wednesday, April 20 at 7:00pm
in Villanova, PA

Individual actions to slow climate change are important, but they can leave people feeling powerless. And we know that, to contribute to the scale of change that’s needed, we need to act with others to challenge business as usual.

The Vanguard S.O.S. campaign is an opportunity for all of us to act collectively and influence Vanguard to deal with its climate problem. And Vanguard customers in particular have a special role to pressure the firm to do better. 

Sign up for this program here!

Training for Vanguard's Big Climate
Problem Finale Action
Thursday, April 21 at 6:00pm
in Paoli, PA

We're concluding our five-day walk from the Delaware River with a huge, vibrant action at Vanguard's global headquarters in Malvern, PA. To get ready and get trained, we're coming together the evening before.

This training is required for anyone who has an assigned role in the action or is interested in risking arrest during the action. And if you just want to learn more about preparing for large direct actions, you're also welcome to join! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to come for as many or as few days as you would like. No need to walk for all five days, though we welcome people to do that if they can!

Most of us don’t regularly walk 10 miles per day, so you may realize partway through a day that you need to be picked up. Or you may only be able to take a few hours off work. Not to worry! We’ll have support vehicles that can pick up walkers who get tired or need support. Your walk lead for the day will be able to contact the drivers to come pick you up.

Yes! You may have to arrange your own transportation there and back. RSVPing will help us know to expect you. We particularly welcome people to join the final action of the walk on Friday, April 22.

Yes! We plan to provide lunch each day, plus some light breakfast options (granola bars, etc.) and snacks. We will have dinner at our evening events, should you choose to stay for those. Please be sure to fill out the RSVP form, including your allergies and food needs. We’ll have a support vehicle with water, but advise carrying your own water bottle and just refilling at breaks. 

Yes, housing will be provided if you would like, as long as you RSVP by April 1st. If you RSVP after that, we will do our best to find housing but cannot guarantee it.

If driving, we generally recommend that you park at a suggested location at the beginning of each day’s walk route. At the end of the day, you can either wait for a ride from one of our support vehicles back to the start, or take public transportation to the location you left your car. If taking public transportation from your home, plan to join us at the start of the walk for the day, and we will ensure that you are dropped off at an appropriate public transportation stop to get back home.

We expect to wear bright colors, have flags, and generally be highly visible to cars. We will be walking during the daytime and anticipate walking mostly on sidewalks or walking trails. We will also have several people each day looking out for the safety of the group.

While we will be on sidewalks and walking paths almost all of the time for this walk, there may be places where the sidewalk is in disrepair or we have to step over a curb. We cannot guarantee that the entire walk will be wheelchair/scooter/walker accessible. If you have specific questions about if the walk would be doable for you, please reach out to Ryan Leitner, [email protected]. We can talk through what we know so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

We expect that the large final action on Friday will be wheelchair accessible.

Generally speaking, we are following the City of Philadelphia health department guidelines and, in some circumstances, choosing to be more strict than government guidelines. EQAT will expect that everyone who is eligible will be fully vaccinated and, and if vaccinated more than six months ago, boosted in order to participate in any in-person activity. We will evaluate current conditions and may change our behavior based on what is most appropriate for the situation. Read more about our policies here.

We have specifically chosen a route that offers ample opportunities for bathrooms along the way. Please speak to the walk lead of the day if you would like to make a bathroom stop, and they can point the group towards an appropriate business or park bathroom. Rest assured we will make ample stops but prefer to do it in a way that keeps the group together.

There will be shirts, both for the walk and for EQAT, available for a sliding scale donation. Please dress in comfortable layers, and wear comfortable shoes. We will walk rain or shine.

Yes! If you are available April 18-22 to help, we have many support roles to fill and we would love your help. Please reach out to Ryan Leitner, [email protected], to let them know you would like to play a role.

Absolutely! If you would like to support the walk, please consider holding the walkers in prayer, signing up to call Vanguard (link coming soon), and/or making a donation to support the walk.