Walk for Green Jobs and Justice

Meet the walkers for the final mile from Thomas Paine Plaza at Philadelphia City Hall to PECO at 12 noon on May 22.

Photo by Chris Baker Evens


City Hall to PECO
Monday, May 22, 12-2pm
Thomas Paine Plaza, City Hall

Solar power brings local jobs and energy security, which is why we are embarking on an epic walk throughout PECO's service area to link together the opportunities for our local energy future. 

From May 8 to 22, the Power Local Green Jobs campaign will embark on a 100 mile walk throughout PECO's service area. Join us. 

In each of five counties—Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia—walkers will move from the past to the future, from old energy sites to new, past crumbling infrastructure to green jobs training programs and installations. We will post the exact itinerary and action plans as we settle the details. Help us gather everything we need by donating to our gift registry!

With a demand of 20% local solar by 2025, the Power Local Green Jobs campaign is working across communities to demand green jobs come to the high-unemployment areas where they are needed most.

PECO is the largest utility in PA, and it serves communities with some of the deepest levels of poverty in the state. As we walk, we are connecting the struggles of neglected communities of color, divested industrial zones, and vulnerable rural areas. Through this common thread, we can show that racial, economic, and climate injustices have some common solutions.

A just energy future is possible, but only if PECO lets go of the fossil energy past. This opportunity could bring thousands of jobs and new vibrancy to our local economy, particularly in areas suffering high unemployment and pollution.

We cannot wait for PECO. Instead, we will come together to chart the way.



Plan your walk

Click on the blue text of each day's planner to see the full daily plan. If you want to connect to the walk on any day, call 925-818-2272 to find out exactly where we are!

 Daily Plan   Start   End   Miles 
 Monday, May 8 Day Planner.pdf   North Philadelphia   Darby   11 
 Tuesday, May 9 Day Planner.pdf   Darby   Chester   8 
 Wednesday, May 10 Day Planner.pdf   Chester   Media   7 
 Thursday, May 11 Day Planner.pdf   Media   Daylesford Station   11 
 Friday, May 12 Day Planner.pdf   Daylesford Station   Valley Forge   7.5 
 Saturday, May 13 Day Planner.pdf   Valley Forge   Norristown   5.5 
 Sunday, May 14   Rest Day     
 Monday, May 15 Day Planner.pdf   Norristown   Plymouth Meeting   5 
 Tuesday, May 16 Day Planner.pdf   Plymouth Meeting   Glenside   9 
 Wednesday, May 17 Day Planner.pdf   Glenside   Southampton   9.5 
 Thursday, May 18 Day Planner.pdf   Southampton   Croydon   10 
 Friday, May 19 Day Planner.pdf   Croydon   Frankford   8 
 Saturday, May 20 Day Planner.pdf   Frankford   North Philadelphia   8 
 Sunday, May 21   Rest Day     
 Monday, May 22 Day Planner.pdf   North Philadelphia   PECO   6 

Walk Route