Are We "Waiting for PECO"?

As I tried to drive back home to Lansdowne from today's action, I was halted by firefighters, who were clearing Scottdale Road. "Stop! We're waiting for PECO!" they said. A tree had fallen on some high tension lines and started a fire. So here I am writing this blog post on my phone.

Strategy_Session.jpgIt's so obvious that today's live strategy session on the PECO plaza was about NOT "waiting for PECO" to determine the pace of developing renewable energy. 20% of our region's energy must be solar by 2025! I love this reasonable, appropriate goal!

Two special highlights of the event -- I loved hearing Bishop Royster of POWER. As I listened to him, I felt filled with energy. I had a sense of our combined, invincible determination to win this campaign.

The other thing that touched my heart was having dear friends and fellow Lansdowne Friends Meeting members travel in from the suburbs to cheer "Power Local Green Jobs!" Some of them traveled long distances beginning our campaign’s expansion into Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties as well as Philadelphia. It felt so good to connect my home team with this big powerful mission that we're on. I'm sure we will see 20% by 2025.


Read the press release for more on the action.


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