Virtual Action Pledge

It's apparent that the COVID-19 crisis will hit the most vulnerable in our region hardest - low-income, black and brown, underemployed people. These are the same communities that already face the brunt of fossil fuel extraction and the effects of a rapidly changing climate. The dire inequality which has grown for decades will reach horrendous levels.

Solar produces more jobs than any other source of energy. Local, community-owned solar is an immediate solution to help our communities recover from economic crisis and economic injustice.

The pandemic crisis has been made worse by leaders who ignored public health warnings and failed to respond in time. Similarly, the climate crisis is already here and we must not allow PECO to delay any longer. Now is the time for PECO to make huge investments in community resiliency - community resources staying in our neighborhoods, well-paying jobs so people can take care of themselves and their families, with clean air and a stable climate.

PECO's frontline employees are showing great courage and sacrifice to keep the power on through this pandemic. PECO's leaders must show the same courage and face the climate emergency.

Will you pledge to take action to demand that PECO spur the creation of thousands of local jobs by committing to get 20% of its electricity from local solar by 2025?

I pledge to call PECO to insist that the utility create a plan to support good jobs from solar energy.

Will you sign?