Vanguard's Big Climate Problem Walk

We hope you'll join us for Vanguard's Big Climate Problem Walk from Monday, April 18 to Friday, April 22 (Earth Day)! 

One of the biggest asset managers in the world, Vanguard's business strategy makes it a major driver of climate destruction. It is the largest global investor in coal and one of the world's two biggest investors in oil and gas. Whether we are elders concerned about making our own savings last, people trying to juggle the demands of work and family, or students who know their futures are in jeopardy, we all desperately need Vanguard to change course. They could vote for climate-friendly shareholder resolutions in the short run, and over time, move their investments out of fossil fuel and forest-destroying companies, if those firms don't come up with a plan to transition out of climate destruction. With over $8 trillion under management, Vanguard could be a leader instead of a laggard.

That is why we are walking to Vanguard's southeastern Pennsylvania headquarters! Starting at the industrial banks of the Delaware River, our emerging route includes sites of environmental injustice and climate destruction, as well as opportunities for intergenerational training in nonviolent direct action and for reaching out to Vanguard customers. Because this is happening during Passover, we are partnering with the Exodus Alliance to hold a special interfaith action at a Chase Bank, highlighting the powerful symbols of the Passover story and the role of Chase and Vanguard (the biggest investor in Chase) as "Climate pharaohs" of our time. We will conclude with a powerful action at Vanguard's global headquarters in Malvern, PA on Earth Day. 

To sign up for any or all of the walk, please fill out the form at this link: Thank you! 

April 18, 2022 at 12:00am - April 23, 2022
Ryan Letiner · · 9258182272

Will you come?