Vanguard is invested in bad things?! Does that mean I should move my money?


If you’re a Vanguard customer, don’t move your money… yet! Please fill out this form. We will let you know about opportunities to leverage your power as a customer and pressure Vanguard to deal with its climate problem.

It can be upsetting to learn that our savings are being used to invest in coal, oil, and gas. But the good news is that when we act together strategically, we can have a major impact and change business as usual. Collective action has already shifted major financial institutions away from fossil fuels. A campaign targeting Vanguard's peer, BlackRock, has forced the company to divest its active investments from coal. And EQAT's own campaign succeeded in getting PNC Bank to stop financing mountaintop removal coal mining. 

Vanguard customers can also push the company to change by taking collective action. Together, we can ensure that Vanguard takes responsibility for driving climate change and deals with its climate problem.



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