Solar jobs campaign takes root in Delaware County

UPPER DARBY- Demanding that PECO support local solar jobs, about twenty Quaker activists raised their banners at a PECO substation in Upper Darby on Monday. They say the utility could build a green energy economy in our region, and bring thousands of green jobs by buying more of its energy from solar panels installed in local communities.

Green jobs campaign demands PECO increase solar by 2025

Singing gospel and labor-inspired songs, a hundred and fifty clergy, Quakers, youth, and seniors called for bold action on new solar jobs. This was the largest action yet in the Power Local Green Jobs Campaign, packing the plaza outside PECO Headquarters to announce a major expansion: demanding that PECO spur the creation of thousands of jobs in local high-unemployment areas by committing to get 20% of its electricity from rooftop solar by 2025.

PECO fails on solar jobs deadline

Community pressure to increase at May 10 demonstration

PECO has failed to commit to purchase solar power from North Philadelphia roofs. Today marks the end of a May 2nd deadline set by community groups asking PECO to purchase 14.3 megawatts of solar from North Philadelphia.

EQAT forces PECO to take first step towards solar jobs

Eight months ago Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) launched a campaign demanding PECO invest in local solar jobs.  A dozen nonviolent actions later and PECO took its first steps today, announcing the creation of a Solar Stakeholder Collaborative.

Faith groups converge for "teach-in" at PECO headquarters

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PHILADELPHIA- A diverse gathering of faith and justice activists heard Rev. Gregory Holston of POWER speak in the PECO building Wednesday morning. The attendees were part of a teach-in about PECO’s choice to purchase its solar power locally, specifically from North Philly, or elsewhere. 

Quakers stage inspection to push PECO on local green jobs

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PHILADELPHIA- On March 2nd at noon, 34 members of Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) inspected PECO’s Market Street headquarters, where the utility will soon choose where to purchase new solar energy. With measuring tape, clipboards and yardsticks, activists scrutinized the iconic Philadelphia building to highlight where this important decision will be made. Since last September, EQAT has been pressuring PECO to choose to invest in local green jobs, first by purchasing solar power from rooftops in North Philadelphia.

Quaker Ultimatum to PECO: It's time to invest in solar jobs

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February 17, 2016 — After six months of asking PECO to buy solar energy from here in Philly, Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) delivered an ultimatum to the utility's corporate headquarters. This spring, PECO must choose where to purchase its 2016 required solar increase. If it does not choose North Philadelphia, bringing solar jobs to a high-unemployment community, EQAT will blow the whistle on PECO with non-violent direct action, exposing the fact that it is not the community leader it claims to be.

Quaker Activists Target PECO to Create North Philly Solar Jobs

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December 17, PHILADELPHIA – With the ink of historic Paris climate change talks still fresh, a group of local Quakers are turning the spotlight on local utility company: PECO. Demanding that PECO benefit Philadelphia community residents with purchases of solar energy credits, 30 members of the Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) decorated PECO’s company Christmas tree with wishes for a solar powered Philadelphia and local green jobs.

“PECO, the choice is yours!” say Quaker activist pastry cooks

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What: Earth Quaker Action Team activists will present PECO’s CEO with freshly baked pies representing the choice of serving Philadelphia an energy economy that benefits everyone - both workers and energy consumers. The choice is PECO’s.

Dancing in the Rain, Earth Quaker Action Team tells PECO to get moving on local green jobs!

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November 10, PHILADELPHIA – Dancing the Electric Slide and singing, 50 activists ranging from great grandparents to middle schoolers defied the rainy weather in front of the PECO building today to demand the electric company get moving on clean energy and local green jobs. Although earlier today a small group entered the headquarters to invite CEO Craig Adams to join, he took a rain check, declining to commit to local solar.