On hottest day of the year, climate-justice group asks: “Climate is changing, why isn’t PECO?”

This week, in the midst of a heat emergency, Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) publicly demanded in two different protest actions to know why PECO, and its parent company Exelon, has failed to take bold action on the climate crisis by creating local solar jobs.

PECO/Exelon: Time to invest in local solar jobs!

COATESVILLE, PA – Coatesville was once a local industry leader, but the steel industry only employs a fraction of the employees that it once did. Communities like Coatesville could use a boost from a new and growing industry: local solar.

Activists demand Exelon take action on PECO’s failures

WILMINGTON - On Tuesday, April 30th, EQAT members brought our truth and persistent demand for justice to Exelon’s (PECO’s parent company) annual shareholder meeting, which was held in Wilmington, DE this year. As PECO’s parent company, Exelon is responsible for its failures. Outside the meeting we displayed our giant report card and pie graphs, props that helped us tell our story - that as PECO’s parent company, Exelon has to take care of PECO’s failing grade in transitioning to sustainable solar power.

Activists demand City Council “stop giving PECO a pass”

PHILADELPHIA - On Tuesday morning, dozens of interfaith activists congregated at Philadelphia City Hall to demand that politicians stop giving PECO a pass on jobs and locally powered solar energy. At City Hall, speakers from POWER and EQAT argued that any “Green New Deal” for Philadelphia can’t get there with this PECO, which refuses to commit to increasing its use of solar energy above the current 1% requirement. Volunteers with the Power Local Green Jobs campaign say that PECO will continue failing Philadelphia unless it commits to investing in 20% local rooftop solar and the creation of thousands of local green jobs by 2025.

Interfaith groups declare dirty electricity a “crime,” call for justice at PECO

PHILADELPHIA - On Wednesday morning, 50 interfaith activists declared PECO Headquarters a “crime scene,” citing PECO’s contributions to the dirty air stealing health, security, and economic opportunity from Philadelphians. The majority of the electricity distributed by PECO comes from burning fossil fuels, and is a major contributor to the region’s high rates of asthma, smog days, and increasingly hotter and wetter weather.

Faith & climate groups oppose PECO rate hike

PHILADELPHIA - On Tuesday, PECO reached a settlement on a customer rate hike. PECO originally petitioned for a controversial 3% rate increase, but after contentious hearings around the region this new settlement will hit consumers with an average 1% increase on their monthly bills. The settlement will now be reviewed before final approval by the PA Public Utilities Commission.

Power Local Green Jobs Banner Drop

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Philadelphia, PA - Today, grandparents, teachers and community members acting with Earth Quaker Action Team unfurled a banner saying “PECO: create solar jobs now!” on the Spring Garden bridge during rush hour.

Ryan Leitner, campaign organizer with EQAT, had the following statement about the action:

Community & climate groups oppose PECO rate hike

Today, the PA Public Utility Commission is holding two public hearings in Philadelphia on a controversial rate hike plan filed by PECO at the end of March. The proposal would increase PECO’s revenues by $82 million per year by charging an additional $40 annually on the average customer’s electricity bill.

Philadelphians condemn Exelon neglect of local green jobs

WASHINGTON -- Green jobs advocates frustrated with the apathy of Philadelphia’s utility PECO are taking their complaints to the big bosses. Their latest action brought them to D.C. to demand local solar electricity outside the shareholder meeting of utility giant Exelon. Exelon owns both PECO and D.C. area utility Pepco.

Foot-washing leads to arrests at interfaith solar jobs demonstration at PECO

PHILADELPHIA -- Foot-washing before Easter might be familiar in a church, but makes an unusual sight at an energy company like PECO, where 18 interfaith congregants were arrested today. The ritual benediction led to a peaceful occupation of the entryways at PECO headquarters. The Power Local Green Jobs campaign vowed to block PECO’s dirty energy business until it begins building a clean energy grid in low-income areas.