In the Philadelphia region, we could produce 20% of our energy from rooftop solar. With the price of solar falling every day, this would save money while creating jobs and protecting the earth. But instead of joining our vision for a greener Pennsylvania, PECO is claiming that bureaucratic obstacles are standing in its way and is profiting off of air pollution, decreasing local jobs, and an endangered future.

If PECO were to take the first step and commit to getting solar from areas where unemployment is high, it would mean thousands of jobs for neighborhoods like North Philly, Coatesville and Chester that are in desperate need of jobs and investment. And we'd be leading the way towards achieving 100% renewable energy, which is necessary to limit catastrophic climate change.

It's time for PECO to take climate change and economic injustice seriously. Will you pledge to take action in your community to demand PECO spur the creation of thousands of local jobs by committing to get 20% of its electricity from local solar by 2025?

Escalating action could look like anything from organizing a group of your friends and neighbors to attend a local action in your county to considering nonviolent civil disobedience with training and support from EQAT in the coming phase of the campaign.

We will connect you with others in your area who have pledged to do the same!

I pledge to take escalating action in my local community until PECO supports good jobs from solar energy.

Will you sign?