PECO ratepayers footing the bill for utility group lobbying

A watchdog group has shown how the Edison Electric Institute, a trade organization of investor-owned utilities including PECO, has used money derived from billpayers' pockets for legislative and policy work that should be charged to shareholders instead.

PECO ratepayers are in effect being charged for lobbying on behalf of private corporations and the profit going to their shareholders. With President Trump considering exiting the global Paris Climate Accords, utilities like PECO must take a clear and moral position compatible with a livable climate and acting in the public interest.

As we are walking 100 miles for Green Jobs and Justice, we call on PECO to set a goal of 20% local solar by 2025, prioritizing high-unemployment areas. PECO should also publicly denounce EEI chairman Tom Fanning's recent statement in March that carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming, and use its role as an EEI member company to call for emissions targets in alignment with no more than 1.5 degree C global warming.