Why We're Pledging Never Vanguard

Vanguard invests in many polluting industries along the Delaware River, especially in Chester. That’s why we are gathering with Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living to launch the Never Vanguard Pledge – to highlight the real, human cost of putting profit over people and the planet!

Photo by Rachael Warriner

Whether we are saving for retirement or barely making ends meet, we all want our families to thrive. Unfortunately, a greedy few want to keep profiting for as long as possible from fossil fuels and other polluting industries, despite high asthma rates, toxic spills, and increasing natural disasters. By joining together–people from different generations, faiths, and means–we can win a future with clean air, clean water, and a livable planet for all of us, no exceptions.

June 10, 2023 at 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Highland Ave near Front St, Chester, PA 19013
Lina Blount ·

Will you come?