Moving my money out of Vanguard is making me curious about reparations, the solidarity economy, and other ways of thinking about money. Do you have any resources to help me think about these bigger questions?


Although EQAT’s focus is on shifting Vanguard in a targeted way, we know that some members of our community are considering alternatives to reinvestment in the stock market, which is based on a model of endless growth. Acknowledging that members of this campaign span a range of economic means, identities, ideologies, and leadings, we offer a few resources below to spur your own discernment. We also encourage you to build relationships with local projects in your area doing this kind of work. 

The Grassroot Reparations Campaign uplifts “faith-based and ethically-centered frameworks that demand accountability for the history and current world conditions that slavery, colonialism, genocide, and other material and moral abuses created.” The case for reparations for slavery is written specifically for white families wanting to engage in repair. This article identifies several groups working on climate reparations in response to the disproportionate burden climate catastrophe is putting on the Global South.

For young people with inherited wealth, Resource Generation offers many resources. So does the Next Egg, such as this webinar on Community Investment Funds, as an alternative to profit-driven investment. This Solidarity Economy map encourages people to find community institutions to invest in.

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