Monthly Donor Spotlight: Ellen Deacon

When Ellen Deacon discusses her commitment to EQAT today, she starts with recognizing the importance of understanding "on whose shoulders one stands." She traces the campaign today back through social change work and philosophies building and developing long before she was avidly watching the early conversations where EQAT began, at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting sessions. She recalls A Quaker Action Group, AQAG, founded in the sixties - and the nonviolent direct action philosophy it built its approach on.

She places emphasis on the learning and training that occurred then and has been a matter of continued importance in the growth of social change movements through the decades. Seeing EQAT's campaigns grow, she has always supported in the ways that were available to her. During the Bank Like Appalachia Matters campaign, she actively supported her Quaker meeting to join in divestiture from PNC - successfully! She now closely follows the Power Local Green Jobs campaign and is glad to be involved in ways that are appropriate and accessible for her. Her involvement provides opportunities to explore what can be learned by supporting effective social change work. One of her key reasons for providing financial support is to become part of this valuable community.

Ellen finds significant importance in sustainer giving, seeing it as the easiest way to make a huge difference with an organization. She values being able to feel active each month in the actions and work of the campaign. Monthly giving offers dependable, ongoing support and security in a way that provides year-round stability.

She sees how this campaign is a meaningful place to put the skillset of EQAT members to work - an antidote to misuse by the capitalist system, instead applying our learnings and skills to campaigning for environmental justice.

Join Ellen with your monthly donation.

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