Join EQAT's Racial Justice Praxis Cohorts

As campaigners at the intersection of racial, economic, and environmental justice, pandemics, uprisings, and heatwaves keep reinforcing what's at stake in our work. During our Summer of Values and Solidarity, we want to go deeper in our learning specifically on the theme of racial justice, and how it animates our campaign, our lives, and rising to join Black Lives Matter actions in solidarity.


We hope you will join us for a four-session program in Learning-Acting-Reflecting. This program will meet four times total in July, August, September and TBD October. Save the date for a required kick-off meeting (pick one!) July 27 or July 30, 7-9 pm on Zoom.

Each person will join a small group and together, we will explore multimedia resources about racial justice, reflect and apply what we are learning, take action, and reflect/learn some more. Our aspiration is to engage our minds, hearts and bodies in the work, and emerge with deeper connection to each other, our core values, our social movement ancestors, and racial justice praxis.

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