Investigate PECO

Lina Blount righteously calls out PECO's crimes behind yellow crime scene tape. The PECO headquarters loom tall behind her.Dirty electricity is an assault on our communities and climate. Our region suffers from high rates of asthma, smog days, and increasingly hot and wet weather. These human-made crises steal our health, security, and economic opportunity, but they hit communities of color and economically vulnerable communities the hardest.

PECO built this system and profits over a million dollars every day from it.

We are declaring the situation criminal. It is criminal that PECO is endangering the health of children. It is criminal that PECO is denying economic opportunities in communities that are suffering. And it is criminal that PECO is driving climate change which threatens us all.

The People's Investigation Unit assembled on the morning of November 14 to search for any plan PECO has to remediate the harms of its dirty energy. We found none.

We were 60 strong, but were barred from entering the building. Undaunted, young and old alike joined in calling out our anger and frustration, naming the moral crimes that PECO has committed and the injury which will continue unless the company changes course.

Ben Safran holds a People's Investigation Unit sign in front of crime scene tape at the PECO building.

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