I am a Vanguard customer, but I can’t move my money right now. Should I still fill out the form?


Yes! We understand that this might not be the right time for you to move money, but you can still make a difference. As a customer, you can tell Vanguard your concerns about climate catastrophe and the related destruction that Vanguard invests in, such as pollution and deforestation. It’s important that Vanguard leadership continue to hear these concerns from customers, even as other customers start moving their money. Together, these two groups increase the pressure! If you can honestly tell them you are thinking of moving your money, so much the better.

If you can’t move your funds because your current employer chose Vanguard for your retirement plan, please raise this issue with your HR department, or better yet, do so along with your colleagues. If companies, universities, and other institutions start telling Vanguard that their employees are dissatisfied with Vanguard’s climate inaction, that will greatly add to the pressure for Vanguard to act. For tips on how to raise these issues with your employer, check out WorkforClimate or this resource from Carbon Collective.

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