How do I create and edit pages on my website?


NationBuilder is rich with tools to help you build beautiful, robust, and interactive pages on your website. Every page includes a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, making it easy to apply basic styling to your content with the click of a button. Click here to learn the basics of creating and editing pages on your website.

Click here to check out examples of NationBuilder various page templates on your website here.

Adding images, video, and other media

NationBuilder's WYSIWYG editor makes is easy to add rich media like images, embedded videos, and more to your pages. Click here to read about how to add rich media to your pages

Advanced page editing with Bootstrap 3

If you're familiar with HTML and CSS, NationBuilder also includes an HTML editing tool in the content WYSIWYG editing toolbar. Your theme was built using the Bootstrap 3 framework, which means that with a little bit of HTML and CSS know-how, you can easily create advanced layouts for your page content directly within NationBuilder's content editor. For example, you can create responsive columns, or add buttons to your page content, all using Bootstrap 3.

Need help?

Need help with adding or styling your content, or creating beautiful layouts? Get in touch with us!

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