Homeowners say PECO gives them the runaround

Lynn and James

Today they showed up to install our transformer that will allow the solar interconnection. But lo and behold, they couldn't install it because the pole is too small. Evidently nobody actually came here to inspect the site before issuing the work order. So now a different department has to schedule the pole replacement and then reschedule the transformer installation. No idea when that will happen!

James_and_Lynn.jpgSeven months ago, we signed a contract for a rooftop solar array and then applied to PECO to interconnect. At first PECO denied the system, but then said they could upgrade our house electrical feed wiring for an estimated $800. Based on this information, we went ahead and installed our solar panels. While we were expecting PECO to install the meter in 2-4 weeks, PECO issued another formal denial disavowing the $800 upgrade estimate. After months of back and forth, PECO finally sent another proposal to upgrade our house electrical feed wires for $1387.36. We signed the agreement immediately, however now they need to replace the pole. Someday, we will need to install the special meter as the last step of this project. PECO has yet to confirm this. 


Dan and Cindy

Now that our three children are grown and we are “empty nesters,” we were finally in a position to afford solar. Plus the price of solar has gone down dramatically to make residential solar even more affordable. When we learned about Transition Town Media’s “Solarize Greater Media” program, we thought that the Solarize program now presented us the opportunity to add solar to our home. Much to our surprise and dismay, in early May we were told that PECO had denied our permit application to install the 16 panel system on our roof.

Their reason for the denial: “Voltage rise is 1.2V, customer already at 126 (max per tariff). No other alternative available, location not close to 13kV circuit.” I sought further explanation from PECO for the denial, and basically I was told that PECO would have to upgrade the lines in our area to connect our house to a 13kV circuit in their system. (It turns out that PPL has accomplished similar upgrades for its customers over the past several years.) PECO said such upgrades could cost from several hundred thousand dollars up to $1 million. The implication was that PECO was not willing to make that level of investment in its transmission lines.


Marc and Katie

We moved into our house in August last year. We love this house, and we're putting up with a tight budget over the next few years so we can have this home to stay in forever. 

When we strolled into a Media Solarize presentation last winter, we realized going solar could actually improve our budget. We'd ultimately save money AND do something good for the world. We joined up immediately and threw our Solarize lawn sign up proudly in front of our house.

Unfortunately, it's been over 6 months and there are still no solar panels on our house. We had signed a contract, installed (and paid for) a new roof, and rounded up the cash to buy our new solar panels when we got our denial from PECO. There was no explanation for the denial.

We've been asking for an explanation for months now but all PECO has done is offer to take a closer look for a fee.


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