Highlights from today's Teach-in

Today's teach-in action was full and fast-paced. Here are a few highlights from the day...

Ingrid Lakey during the briefing

Ingrid Lakey called for PECO to EXCEED their Solar Mandate and to be proactive on  behalf of Philadelphians!


Brother John Bowie

Brother John Bowie delivered a powerful message. North Philadelphia has been sold! Yet, where there is life, there is hope! Now, on our dime, we are using Serenity Solar to build a solar array on Serenity House!


Rev Gregory Holsten speaks

Rev Gregory Holston: we have a message for PECO - it has a moral responsibility to create 1000's of forward looking jobs!


image of Eileen Flanagan speaking

Eileen Flanagan explained solar opens a future with opportunity for the many. Instead of fighting over who gets the life-boats we are working together to change the direction of the ship and avoid the iceberg.


Participants filling out cards for PECO

POWER co-chairs for the Power Local Green Jobs campaign, Paula Paul and Rabbi Julie Greenberg.


Note cards for PECO

Cards provided to all inviting to write to PECO what compelling reason we learned today for PECO to make a first step and purchase its 2016 solar increase from North Philadelphia rooftops.

With thanks to Robert Leming for live tweeting today's action.

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