Getting to 20% local solar webinar and Art webinar for all ages

As we experiment with holding space for virtual campaigning, we are running two simultaneous webinars that activate different strengths and needs.

Join us to either explore the strategies PECO could use to get to 20% local solar by 2025 with justice, or for an art webinar for children and all ages.

PECO insists that the Power Local Green Jobs demand is impossible and will hurt our communities more than it helps, but in reality the solutions are much more doable than PECO imagines:

Find people to build solar and help them do it. Lower bills with energy efficiency and community solar. Accept the full costs of fossil fuels.

PECO is hindered by a refusal to fundamentally reconsider how it operates and accept responsibility for its long contributions to the climate crisis. However, now is the time to outline the broad strokes and get moving, working with advocates and energy experts to ensure justice is woven through every step.

Tune in to learn more and be together virtually. Prepare for a virtual action to insist that the utility create a reasonable plan to address climate change and inequality.

RSVP for the art webinar at

RSVP below for the informational webinar and you'll get a link to the Zoom meeting in an email.

March 24, 2020 at 4:00pm - 5pm
Christina Tavernelli Anne Ehrhart Aurora Winslade Kyle Richmond-Crosset Elson Blunt Timothy Beckham Bill Sabey Marc Brier Jim Wylie Jamie Parker Nelson Pavlosky Natalie Harrington Louise Willis Lindsey Britt Eve Gutman Christina Gosnell Mark Bortman Dana Robinson Erica Burman Dan Sutton Nancy Winkler Jonathan Ogle Amy Bruckner Lee Smithey Mary McCabe Margin Zheng Ryan Leitner

Will you come?

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