Vanguard Action during FGC Gathering

Many dozens of people stand close together in a crowd, facing towards the camera. Some are wearing green t-shirts, some are holding signs and banners, and some seem to be singing.
EQAT action at PNC headquarters during the 2014 FGC Gathering
Photo by Leo Mohlke

EQAT has been hearing from Quakers across the country that they are ready to move money out of Vanguard. That's why we will be holding an action during the Friends General Conference Gathering, which brings together Quakers from across North America and beyond. We will gather Thursday, July 6 after lunch, somewhere on the campus in Monmouth, Oregon, and travel 12 miles to the state capital, Salem. We are still working out the details. Please RSVP now if you will be in Oregon at that time, so we can keep you in the loop! The time listed is Pacific time.

July 06, 2023 at 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Meet at FGC Gathering in Monmouth, Oregon and travel to Salem, Oregon
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Will you come?