Farewell, Fundraising update, Gratitude

Carly speaking during the Walk

I want to start with an exciting fundraising update: In 2017, with your help, we raised the most we ever have--over $195,000 toward green jobs and justice and a healthier planet. Thank you!

2017 was a huge success for EQAT and the Power Local Green Jobs campaign, and I am so happy to have been part of it.

The year also presented me with some personal challenges and opportunities outside of EQAT. After much listening and contemplation, it became clear that I need to devote more time and intention to my career as a healer. I have always seen my work with EQAT as being part of a larger picture of healing. Now, the bodywork and energy work business I started in 2016, Body Truth Shiatsu, is calling me to focus there more fully.

I have informed the Board, staff, and several dedicated volunteers and supporters of my decision over the past two weeks.  Now I am sharing this decision with you.

My last day of work as Fundraising Coordinator with EQAT will be today, Wednesday, February 28.

Going forward, you can contact any member of the staff (Kim, Greg, or Ryan, contact details below) for fundraising information and support.

I want to thank this community for the very special opportunity to work with EQAT over the past year. I have learned and grown tremendously in this role, and I have been honored and inspired working with and for you. I hope you have felt well-served by my work in our time together.

In closing, I'll make one final pitch and say, please continue to support EQAT and the Power Local Green Jobs campaign as generously as you are able! We are always deeply grateful for and humbled by your gifts.

Please know that I remain a strong advocate of the campaign, and for the sake of our region and the whole planet, I look forward to your win and wish you all the best.

With abundant gratitude and love,

Carly Frintner

Staff contact information:
Kim Huynh, Campaign Director: [email protected]
Greg Holt, Communications Manager: [email protected]
Ryan Leitner, Campaign Organizer: [email protected]

Walkers arrive in Chester, Walk for Green Jobs and Justice, May, 2017

Above, a highlight of my time with EQAT:
Fellow participants and I on the 100-mile Walk for Green Jobs and Justice, May, 2017.

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