EQAT's Next Campaign Direction

We are at an energy crossroads. Solar energy prices are falling and big corporations are jumping on the solar bandwagon. At the EQAT general meeting yesterday evening, we announced our next steps to help ensure that the emerging energy economy will be both just and sustainable.

In EQAT’s new campaign, we are challenging energy corporations to take responsibility for creating jobs and benefiting low-income communities by making a major shift to locally generated solar power. We will start in Philadelphia with the hope that -- like BLAM! -- this campaign will eventually expand far beyond the Philadelphia region.

Pennsylvania has mandated that PECO, the Philadelphia region’s utility corporation, purchase additional solar energy capacity by the end of 2016. PECO has choices about where to source that energy. As it stands, PECO will likely purchase nearly all that energy from industrial-scale solar farms outside the company’s service region. Instead, EQAT is calling on PECO to purchase their state-mandated solar energy from rooftops in Philadelphia so this transition creates jobs for local workers, particularly those from working-class communities of color, rather than benefiting moneyed energy executives.

Our first step is to meet with Craig Adams, PECO CEO, to invite him to power local green jobs.