Dancing in the Rain, Earth Quaker Action Team tells PECO to get moving on local green jobs!

Press Release

November 10, PHILADELPHIA – Dancing the Electric Slide and singing, 50 activists ranging from great grandparents to middle schoolers defied the rainy weather in front of the PECO building today to demand the electric company get moving on clean energy and local green jobs. Although earlier today a small group entered the headquarters to invite CEO Craig Adams to join, he took a rain check, declining to commit to local solar.

PECO is required to buy an additional 0.1% of their energy from solar by May 2016. Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT), the group who organized the demonstration, is pressuring the utility to prioritize solar energy from Philadelphia, which could create jobs throughout city, and to shift more resources to invest in clean, local suppliers.

“Unemployment and climate chaos are both crises we are facing now,” said EQAT founding member Ingrid Lakey. “While we have had discussions with PECO, it's time for them to get moving toward the future we need. With their investment, we could see new solar installations providing jobs and income in some of Philadelphia’s most historically neglected neighborhoods.”

The group is asking PECO to start with North Philadelphia, a neighborhood that has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. “The City recently launched ‘Green City, Clean Waters,’ an initiative that is projected to create 8,600 jobs,” said Matthew Armstead, staff coordinator for EQAT. “It’s great to see the city step up. And we also expect our utility companies to do their part in local job creation.”

During today’s demonstration, activists danced and made toasts, inviting PECO to join the dance with a real commitment to invest in local clean energy jobs. The action is the third of EQAT’s Power Local Green Jobs campaign to take place at PECO headquarters.

Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) is a nonviolent direct action group dedicated to building a just and sustainable economy. After five years and over 125 actions, EQAT won a successful campaign to have PNC stop financing mountaintop removal in Appalachia. More information is available at: www.eqat.org.