Climate is Changing: PECO, Will You?

March is a big month.

PECO will be submitting its Default Service Program (DSP) to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), which will show how it plans to buy its electricity over the next two to four years. Why does this matter? Because the DSP will indicate whether PECO has committed to a plan towards 20% local solar by 2025, or if it will continue to choose its profit over climate and the people of this region.

Last week, we showed up at both PECO's headquarters and CEO Mike Innocenzo's house to remind them that we must see a plan heading to 20% solar, and we're looking for a DSP that matches this vision. Early yesterday morning, a dozen of us gathered at the PUC to pray for prompt action on climate change, as well as a rapid but just transition to local solar for our region. Even though we believe that it is PECO who must be under the weight of climate change and economic injustice, we called on the PUC commissioners to join us in holding PECO accountable to its ratepayers because no one can remain neutral in the face of climate crisis.

We're heading into a spring that will reveal PECO's true intentions. If PECO continues on its path of business as usual, despite the twin crises of climate change and inequality, it will be clear that our utility has actively chosen to ignore the grave threat our communities face.

We'll be bearing witness to this important moment, and we're asking you to join us. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the actions below. We also need your help to fund this work. Consider joining our growing list of amazing monthly donors who help sustain our campaign while we hold the vision for a just utility and push for PECO to catch up.

Upcoming events:

We have a plan, PECO. Do you?

For a while now, PECO has been asking us to give it a plan to meet our demands. Though we know the task of creating a plan that addresses the climate crisis and inequality is all on PECO, we do have a plan of our own. Join us in mid-March to help make sure PECO sees our plan. Date and time to be announced.

What's in PECO's Default Service Program?

Once PECO submits its Default Service Program (DSP) to the Public Utility Commission, we'll be able to see if PECO is taking the climate crisis seriously, or not. Either way, we'll be ready to respond. Take action in late March to make sure PECO knows that we've got our eyes on its DSP. Date and time to be announced.

photo credit: Tab Skervin (Top), Laura Jackson (Bottom)

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