Philly Power

At my first worshipful action at PECO, I joined the circle of worshipers and tried to tune into spirit but it was really hard, almost impossible. My eyes darted around the lobby as a steady flow of people came in and out of the revolving doors. Everyone had to scan a badge as they passed through the lobby. Security personnel were taking pictures of us and alerting someone higher up that “EQAT is in the lobby.” As I watched, one of the guards moved a partition around our group, boxing us in.

I also watched in amazement as many of the other friends closed their eyes and held the silent peace.

This is what Philadelphians need

Exelon shareholders' meeting in Washington DC, May 1

Reckoning for Justice

One by one each volunteer stepped up to the shallow pans of water. Against a backdrop of security personnel, each one carefully leaned on two supporters and allowed a third to remove their shoes and socks and gently wash their feet. Eighteen times, Rev. Holston of POWER lay his hands on their backs and offered a blessing. They carried the blessings of all of us as they faced arrest to interrupt PECO's daily profit from dirty energy, and demand transformation for green jobs and justice.

Why We Won't Wait for green jobs and justice

At a powerful action on Tuesday, March 27, more than 60 members of the Power Local Green Jobs Campaign processed in silence to PECO headquarters. Our action was a Day of Mourning for the lives and opportunities lost because of PECO’s continued reliance on fossil fuels. These losses are not abstract. In front of the largest utility in our state, we heard personal stories about children struggling with painful asthma, neighbors trying to foster community in the midst of oil refinery pollution, and Philadelphians struggling with poverty because of the lack of good jobs. We honored this loss with religious symbolism from different traditions - tearing of fabric, wailing, dance, and the mourner’s kaddish.

We Won't Wait Actions: March 27 & 28

Farewell, Fundraising update, Gratitude

Two actions holding witness in PECO's lobby

Spotlighting for the New Year

As part of EQAT's New Year's action team on 1/2, I visited PECO in the early morning to be a visible reminder to CEO Craig Adams that we are expecting PECO to develop the capacity for 20% solar by 2025.  We asked for it as a new year's resolution. But as we entered, there was a flurry up front as Craig Adams scurried behind a retractable entry barrier as if to seek protection from our faithful witnesses.

Big Change for Green Jobs Video

On December 7, the Big Change for Green Jobs day of action brought 240 elders, youth, faith leaders, and community groups to PECO locations across the region.

It's been clear for a while that PECO is accustomed to delaying change through small steps and short-lived programs. The company has been prepared to dodge and delay for many years while the most damaging and oppressive impacts of dirty energy continue to fall on vulnerable communities.