A solution here in Philadelphia

There’s a lot to love about Philly. We’ve got historic buildings, and an impressive assortment of diverse communities. Good cheesesteaks, and better roast pork sandwiches. The Mummers, and the Carnavaleros. Rocky, and Will Smith. The Eagles, and (some years) the Phillies.

What we don’t have a lot of, is investment in our communities’ basic infrastructure. And it’s hurting us.

We have a campaign name!

It’s been a busy month for EQAT. Since the Board decided on the new campaign direction, dozens of EQATers have been researching, planning in meetings, and taking part in street speaking actions here in Philadelphia. Also, President Obama launched a major initiative to train 75,000 workers to enter the solar industry by 2020. Momentum is growing behind solar nationally!

EQAT's Next Campaign Direction

We are at an energy crossroads. Solar energy prices are falling and big corporations are jumping on the solar bandwagon. At the EQAT general meeting yesterday evening, we announced our next steps to help ensure that the emerging energy economy will be both just and sustainable.