Ignite the Light Fundraising Drive

This spring, as our campaign built momentum, we asked ourselves, what will it take to win ten thousand jobs? Our strategy includes pulling new supporters together, spreading over a wider region, and integrating new tools and resources available to our volunteer organizers. This has led us to envision a bold new effort: Ignite the Light, raising $100,000.

Solar Stakeholders

Yesterday was the first meeting of a Solar Stakeholder Collaborative, a conference of various advocates which PECO initiated in response to our campaign. This first meeting showed how far jobs and justice still are from the conversation, but it’s clear direct action is pushing a new horizon for local green jobs!

Are We "Waiting for PECO"?

As I tried to drive back home to Lansdowne from today's action, I was halted by firefighters, who were clearing Scottdale Road. "Stop! We're waiting for PECO!" they said. A tree had fallen on some high tension lines and started a fire. So here I am writing this blog post on my phone.

Future Scientists Compelled by Solar

To PECO, the Philadelphia Science Festival no doubt seemed like a perfect place to present its image as a corporate leader in sustainability. PECO can educate Philadelphians about more efficient light bulbs, but we know that it can also invest in solar energy and power local green jobs.

New Horizons: Matthew's Departure

At this exciting moment, with joy and sadness, I announce that this summer I will leave the position of EQAT Coordinator. I will miss you and the pace of campaign life, and gratefully carry your stories with me. When I came back from Ferguson in 2014, I was clear that my calling is to weave together the arts and social change work in a way that honors our experiences, our intuition, and our potential. After 3 years with EQAT, it's time for me to take a risk and jump into something new.

Faith in the Future: People-Power moves PECO's first step.

Today in the early morning light, I headed over to a small interfaith breakfast with Bernie Sanders. Electoral politics is not where I focus my political energy, but I’ve been inspired by the crowds of people standing up against corporate greed and for human dignity. This morning was no different, by the time Senator Sanders entered the room we were all on our feet.

Philadelphians Support Renewable Energy and Green Jobs.

Okay, I'll admit it... I didn't wake up in the best mood today, certainly not my springiest, energized or most extroverted self.  But I grabbed my green EQAT-emblazoned t-shirt that was strewn across my dresser and I greeted a minivan full of fellow Earth Quakers anyway.  And I'm so glad I did!

Say "Yes!" to Local Jobs

“Give people in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods a reason to say yes!” said community organizer John Bowie at yesterday's Teach-in. The moving lessons focused on the role of hope in surviving deep poverty, and the pressing need for opportunities.

Highlights from today's Teach-in

Today's teach-in action was full and fast-paced. Here are a few highlights from the day...

POWER unites with Power Local Green Jobs

Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower and Rebuild (POWER) a multi-faith network of 60 congregations has come to the POWER LOCAL GREEN JOBS campaign, joining with a commitment to the long-term vision of local solar jobs. Our voices are multiplied many times by this large community deeply active for economic justice.