Vanguard, It's Time for an Intervention

Vanguard - headquartered just outside Philly in Malvern, PA -  continues to be one of the world’s largest investors in fossil fuels. For the last year, the Vanguard SOS campaign has called on Vanguard leadership to do what’s necessary: to end their complicity in the climate crisis and leverage their multi-trillion-dollar influence to invest in a sustainable, just world. But rather than listening, Vanguard has caved to right-wing pressure and dangerously backslid on existing climate commitments.

A crowd of people holding signs reading "Vanguard Invests in Climate Destruction." Amid the crowd is a giant inflatable likeness of Tim Buckley steering a steering ship which reads "Vanguard SOS."

We can’t allow Vanguard to continue financing the destruction of our climate and communities. We feel the urgency of the climate crisis, and we want Vanguard to feel that urgency and take meaningful climate action. That’s why we’re planning the biggest escalation of the campaign so far on April 19th. We hope you’ll join us!

To prepare for this action, we'll be holding an action run-through and Q&A on Saturday, April 1st and an all-day training on Saturday, April 15th. Anyone planning to hold a role at this action should attend the April 15th training. Participants not playing roles are encouraged to attend as well!

April 19, 2023 at 8:15am - 10:15am
Berenice Tompkins · · (914) 564-3094

Will you come?