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PNC: Stop Feeding on Fossil Fuels

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Climate Change is a choice.

It’s not inevitable. It can be halted.

It takes millions of choices to create climate change. Like PNC Bank’s choice to loan millions to the largest mountaintop removal companies in the world.


Those companies blow up mountains. Devastate communities. They dump waste from the destroyed mountains into the rivers, polluting thousands of miles of streams. Then they sell that dirty coal, which burns and releases filthy pollutants into our air.


PNC can choose to stop its support of climate change. As a Quaker founded bank, we’re calling it back to its roots. As a first step, we’ve asked PNC to stop financing mountaintop removal.


But they need our help. Our pressure. Our voices. Our light shining on them.


Fasting FAQ's

How Does The Fast Work?

Who Can Join The Fast?

What Kind Of Fast Can I Make?

Why Fast With EQAT?

Fasting As Spiritual Preparation

How Do I Make My Fast Public?

How Do I Sign Up?

Resources for Fasting

How Do I Care For Myself While Fasting?

How Do I Share My Story of Fasting With EQAT?

Fasting And Nonviolent Direct Action


How Does The Fast Work?

On March 14, EQAT begins a 40-day fast in which we are asking people to fast for a day or more during the fast period. The fast is flexible and we'll leave it up to you to decide how you fast. We only ask that you make your sacrifice public.

Here are some tips from Phyllis Taylor, RN on fasting and health

Each day will feature a “lead” faster — someone who has publicly agreed to help EQAT, as an organization, fast for forty days. They may agree to do a week without food, or a day without food and water. The exact type of fasting is up to the individual (see “What Kind of Fast Can I Make?”), and we encourage people to join the hunger fast in the ways that suit them best. We do have some requirements for fasters, however. If you choose to fast, we ask the following.

  • Enter into it prayerfully after careful discernment. Form a clear intention for yourself, the people at PNC, the Appalachians who live with mountaintop removal, and for all people affected by climate change.

  • Make the fast public. Share why you are enduring a sacrifice, and use it as a means of spotlighting the issue. You could:

    • write a published article or blog post

    • engage in direct actions at banks

    • donate money saved on food to Appalachian groups or EQAT

    • hold a vigil outside a bank

    • organize an account closing (you, a friend, or with EQAT in April)

    • give presentations to groups

    • create your own good idea!

  • Communicate your actions and experience back to EQAT. Share photos, videos, brief descriptions, links to your published articles, stories or recordings of talks you gave, and other documentation of your fast experience. We’ll provide you a link to upload and post on our website and Facebook page.


Who can join the fast?

You can. Although each day will feature one or more specific fasters, we welcome everyone to consider participating in solidarity. Imagine the potential of dozens of people fasting and praying each day for forty days! This action is something that can be done suitable to your own health needs and personal approach. The point is prayer and spiritual preparation. You can pick any day(s) of the forty between Thursday, March 14 and Monday, April 22.


There are some people who should not fast from eating. Who should NOT fast


What Kind Of Fast Can I Make?

The fast is flexible and we'll leave it up to you to decide how you fast. Here are some suggested forms of fasting:

  • both food and water
  • food only
  • one day a week
  • sunup to sundown
  • a type of food (eg sugar)
  • fossil fuels (use public transport instead of a car)
  • technology (cell phone, Facebook, email, television)
  • closing your PNC account


Why Fast With EQAT?

EQAT's Bank Like Appalachia Matters campaign aims to end PNC Bank's financing of mountaintop removal coal mining. PNC's investment strategy not only destroys mountains, communities, and people's health and well-being - it is a fundamentally risky business investment, as the cost of global warming begins to skyrocket and calculating for that becomes part and parcel of corporate balance sheets.

Just this month, a shareholder resolution backed by Domini Social Investments, Walden Asset Management and Boston Common Asset Management is demanding that PNC "consider the risk" of greenhouse gas emissions. This is a clear blow to PNC's greenwashed veneer: LEED-certified buildings are not enough to cover the damage of fossil-fueled profits.

Even the SEC denied PNC's attempt to have the resolution blocked - a significant turnaround from a decade ago.

What does all this mean for Earth Quaker Action Team? It means that we -- and by that I mean you -- have the opportunity to sharpen our language, our intent, and our direct action. By what we say and do, we must convince PNC that mountaintop removal is a poor business risk. EQAT's strategy invites you to do just this.

The Goal: Escalate Until PNC Responds

On March 14, EQAT begins a 40-day fast in which we are asking people to fast for a day or more during the fast period. The fast is flexible and we'll leave it up to you to decide how you fast. We only ask that you make your sacrifice public.

Dick Taylor, EQAT member and experienced faith-based activist reminded us that "some demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting" (Matthew 17:21).

Mountaintop removal mining, and the financial investments that make it possible, is one of these demons. So we will fast. And we will let the PNC board know that we are fasting in the hope that they, too, will cast out the demon in their midst. We will invite board members to meet with us in an atmosphere of common struggle, to dialogue how PNC can go truly green.


Fasting As Spiritual Preparation

Fasting is consistent with our belief in self-sacrifice and spiritual preparation … for direct engagement with PNC’s board of directors.

Starting March 14, EQAT will began a forty-day fast leading up to the April 23 shareholder's meeting to communicate our intention to stop feeding on the fossil fuel industry.

While you fast, we will provide you with some suggested queries (reflection questions) for yourself and for PNC Bank.


How Do I Sign Up?

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Resources For Fasting With EQAT

Outreach Flyer

Resources for reflection while you fast


How Do I Make My Fast Public?

  • Physically fast at your local PNC branch
    • talk to PNC customers and passers-by about your fast
    • make a sign with clear writing on it
  • write a letter to a PNC board member **
    • contact details for PNC board members and other identified institutions
  • blog post shared on EQAT's Facebook page
  • fasting and close your PNC account
  • contact your local media - EQAT may be able to help you with contact details.
  • writing a letter to the editor.
  • speak about it at your place of worship, work or study

** These resources are coming soon!


Health Tips For Fasting

who should NOT fast

If you are thinking of more than a 1 day food fast, please check with your physician, nurse practioner or physician assistant.  Age, pre-existing conditions and medications taken daily need to be factored in when deciding how long to fast as well as what type of fast. Re. medications, do they need to be taken with food? can you stop taking some without harming yourself?

If you are doing a fast or more than 1 day prepare not just spiritually but also physically.  East smaller meals to signal to your mind, stomach and appetite that less food is acceptable.  Wean off caffeine and sugar to ease initial hunger and/or discomfort in the early days of a fast.

If you are thinking of an extended fast abstaining from solid food but including fluids, drink plenty of water, grape and/or apple juice, warm broth and/or decaf tea.  Do not drink orange juice, tomoato juice or other citrus juices.  Limit physical activity.  If you are on a juice fast, limit exercise.  If you are on a water fast, do not exercise without the supervision of a health person familiar with fasting.

STOP the fast if you have severe pain or swelling of arms and legs.  Also, lower back pain indicates dehydration.  Drink more fluids.

When stopping the fast, have a little soup and gradually increase the amount of food intake and physical activity. Don't jump right back into your pre-fast diet or physical activity.

For more helpful information, go to "Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer which can be found at www.Fasting.  


How Can I Share My Story Of Fasting With EQAT?

Email EQAT at with your stories, blog posts, Facebook updates, pictures, letters to the editor, letters to board members, videos and Tweets.

You can link your Facebook update with our page directly by liking our Facebook page and sharing:


Fasting And Nonviolent Direct Action

Fasting has a long history in religious, spiritual and nonviolent direct action. Here are a couple of examples of how fasting has empowered nonviolent campaigns