The Power Local Green Jobs Campaign uses nonviolent, direct action to challenge PECO, a utility company, to take responsibility for creating jobs and benefiting local communities by making a major shift to locally generated solar power for electricity. The campaign has been joined by POWER, a broad multi-faith network of 60 congregations.

The campaign is calling on PECO to support the local economy by purchasing solar energy from Philadelphia rooftops, which will create jobs for local workers; lower electricity bills for families, schools, and churches; and make a more resilient electrical grid. This campaign proposes solutions to three critical issues: underemployment, crumbling infrastructure, and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

To be part of the solution, PECO must choose to:

  1. Dramatically increase the purchase of local rooftop solar power so that 20% of PECO's electricity comes from roofs in its service area by 2025.
  2. Spur solar installation on suitable roofs in high unemployment areas, starting in North Philadelphia, to economically benefit those communities.
  3. Prioritize installation by local workers, especially from high unemployment areas.

The first year of the campaign has a strong focus on North Philly, a set of neighborhoods with chart-topping rates of “deep poverty” and underemployment. Our goal is to ensure that families, schools, and churches reap the benefits of the “solar revolution” -- rather than just huge corporations. In subsequent years, EQAT plans to expand the campaign to the full PECO service area, building momentum for demands that could be national in scale.

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