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Exelon shareholders' meeting in Washington DC, May 1

Reckoning for Justice

Why We Won't Wait for green jobs and justice

We Won't Wait Actions: March 27 & 28

Farewell, Fundraising update, Gratitude

Two actions holding witness in PECO's lobby

Spotlighting for the New Year

As part of EQAT's New Year's action team on 1/2, I visited PECO in the early morning to be a visible reminder to CEO Craig Adams that we are expecting PECO to develop the capacity for 20% solar by 2025.  We asked for it as a new year's resolution. But as we entered, there was a flurry up front as Craig Adams scurried behind a retractable entry barrier as if to seek protection from our faithful witnesses.

Big Change for Green Jobs Video

On December 7, the Big Change for Green Jobs day of action brought 240 elders, youth, faith leaders, and community groups to PECO locations across the region.

It's been clear for a while that PECO is accustomed to delaying change through small steps and short-lived programs. The company has been prepared to dodge and delay for many years while the most damaging and oppressive impacts of dirty energy continue to fall on vulnerable communities.

Adventures in spotlighting

As the country was remembering it's 9/11 Memorial Day, five of us hopped into Walter's Prius at 30th St. station. We were on our way to Allentown to drop by a meeting of the Energy Association of Pennsylvania, a lobbyist and trade group which it just so happens that Craig Adams, CEO of PECO, sits on the board of.